Business Strategy
Global Strategy
Globe’s business goal is to be one of the top Egyptian pharmaceutical companies. In order to achieve this, Globe through partnership with world-class pharmaceuticals and medical companies targeting niche segment with unique product and also focus to increase the momentum in the generics business in its key market through different growth routes. Growth is focused on developed and emerging markets. It is the company›s constant Endeavour to provide a wide basket of generic and innovator products. Achieving customer satisfaction is fundamental to our business thus providing products and services of the highest quality and consequently ensuring profitable growth and enhancing the wealth of the shareholders.

Growth Strategy
Currently we are focusing on therapeutic segments that embraces both chronic treatment segments, primarily driven by a growing aging population and dominance of lifestyle diseases as well as the acute treatment segments.
Future growth will be driven by partnership with multinational pharmaceutical and medical products.
Globe 2014 has achieved 10 Millions USD$ and our future upcoming plan to have 20% growth within the current portfolio.

During 2015 we will launch average of 5 products with expected sales value 2 Millions USD$ and we will penetrate many different countries in Africa & ME.