INFLUPROP® NASAL SPRAY is recommended for the cleansing of the nasal passages: seawater cleanses the nasal cavities and removes excess mucus, thus facilitating breathing. Polysaccharides give comfort and relief to the irritated nose: thanks to its barrier effect, the product moisturizes and protects the nasal mucosa.


. Isotonic Sea water: improve the epithelial wound repair
speed & inhibits Inflammation of skin and mucosa.
. Marigold: synergizes the anti-Inflammatory action and
moisturizing action of isotonic sea water & has a potent
role in mucosa healing.
. Sodium hyaluronate: has an important role in mucosal
surface repair.
. Echinacea: anti-viral action. Stimulates WBCs action that
result in decreasing common cold & flu duration.
. Copper enhanced nasal saline irrigation: a safe potential
treatment and protective factor for COVID-19 infection.
Dose :
Adult : 1-2 squirt in each nostril, 3 times a day

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